Dear all,

Greetings from team Red Brigade/ Red Brigade Trust.

Thank you for your kind support and the belief, confidence and trust you have shown to the Team Red Brigade under the name Red Brigade Trust (hereafter Trust), registration no. IV/9-25/66-7 dated 27.03.2014, registered under The Indian Trusts Act, 1882. The Red Brigade Trust was registered by Mr. Ajay Kumar Patel from Varanasi district, Uttar Pradesh (State), India.

The Trust was registered from Varanasi district but with the consensus of the Trustees, the Central Office of the Trust was opened at Ramnagar, Naubasta Khurd, Madiyaon, Lucknow and it was decided to carry all the operations of the Trust from this address.

The details of the Trustees of the Trust since its formation are as under:
1.       Mr. Ajay Kumar Patel – Managing Trustee
2.       Ms. Usha Vishwakarma – Assistant Trustee/Secretary
3.       Ms. Preeti Verma – Member
4.       Mrs. Pratima Vishwakarma – Member
5.       Mrs. Razia – Member
6.       Ms. Jyoti – Member
7.       Mr. Akash – Member

The Trust was founded with the vision to achieve Gender Equality, Safety of Women (Self-defense) and children (Good Touch Bad Touch), provide justice to the survivors of sexual abuse, and educate the poor/under-privileged girls/survivors (Educate a Girl). The Trust has been working continuously and tirelessly to achieve its vision and has inculcated a sense of self-pride and confidence in its members as well as other girls/women.

The Trust has been trying hard and is committed to fulfill the expectations the world has with the team. The reason the Trust is before you with the above details is to share a hard truth/fact with you. The Trust has undergone an unrepairable damage. Earlier, the Trust thought the differences with one of the founding member would be sorted out shortly and we would be working as a team again but unfortunately this couldn’t happen and finally, Ms. Usha Vishwakarma, one of our Trustees/ Secretary/ co-founder registered a new Trust in December 2016 with the name the Trust was earlier known as i.e. Red Brigade Lucknow. Unfortunately she changed the password of the e-mail ID/ website/ Facebook Account/ Blog of the Trust (in October 2016) and is now being used by them (Red Brigade Lucknow Trust founded by Usha). The Red Brigade Lucknow Trust (Usha) is using the same logo as that of the Red Brigade Trust. The similarity in name and usage of same logo has created a lot of confusion that is really unfortunate and unethical. 

The Red Brigade Trust believes in team work and is continuing its activities and would continue to work for its vision. We are/ would be communicating you through the e-mail IDs and Facebook account and page(s) of Red Brigade Trust (,, We will soon be coming up with our new website ( - under construction) and blog.

Team Red Brigade,
Red Brigade Trust/ Red Brigade.


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